Wanderers By Choice

Mayuri and Anil could have never imagined that two strangers who never talked to each other even while sitting across from each other at work will be soulmates who set out to explore the world together.
Wanderers by choice is not just a travel blog but a sneak peek into the lives of two people who were destined to embark on an adventure together for life. We hope to help fellow travelers with travel ideas, tips, sample itineraries and a lot more fun stuff. Come, lets travel together!

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A Weekend Getaway to Cancun

Mexico should definitely be on the topmost priority of a traveler’s bucket list. It has so much to offer in terms of food, places, culture, people. During our anniversary trip to Cancun, we finally got a small glimpse of Mexico (well, some would argue that it is not the “real” Mexico but it does have …

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Here’s where we have been so far

United States of America

22 states and counting…

Globe Trotting

Endless possibilities.. Still naive in this area but hoping to explore more soon (For now lets just be happy with Canada, Mexico, Bahamas and Hong Kong) more to come…

India (Always ‘Desis’ at heart)

India has so much to offer in terms of natural beauty, beautifully carved temples, palaces, the list is endless