A Weekend Getaway to Cancun

Mexico should definitely be on the topmost priority of a traveler’s bucket list. It has so much to offer in terms of food, places, culture, people. During our anniversary trip to Cancun, we finally got a small glimpse of Mexico (well, some would argue that it is not the “real” Mexico but it does have its own charm). Cancun is a city in Mexico (Yucatán Peninsula) known for its pristine beaches, all-inclusive lavish resorts and buzzing nightlife. This was a quick trip as we only planned a weekend long vacation for our anniversary celebrations hence we were not able to explore the Mayan ruins and Tulum. Initially while planning the trip, we did some research on Mayan ruins and Tulum too so we will be sharing a little bit about that too. Keep reading to know more about our getaway to Cancun.

Nothing is more satisfying than watching the pristine blue Caribbean water

Day 1: Exploring Occidental Tucancún Resort

Cancun is divided into 2 zones: Hotel Zone and Downtown. The hotel zone is packed with many resorts. Cancun Downtown is more of a touristy spot with shops, cafes, souvenir shops, etc. We landed in Cancun on Friday morning and checked in to our all-inclusive resort Occidental Tucancún Resort. The Cancun strip has several all-inclusive resorts which offer lavish interiors and amenities. We chose Occidental Tucancún as the reviews were excellent and it included everything that we wanted for our weekend getaway. Since it was our anniversary, they offered us a complimentary upgrade to a special suite with Jacuzzi in the patio. The suite was beautiful and very well equipped. Since it is an all-inclusive resort, the drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) are included so all we did on Friday was drink, eat and relax. You are going to hear us raving about this a lot because we really did enjoy everything without having to worry about paying for each service separately.

Day 2: Exploring the Cancun strip, Cancun downtown, Nightlife

This was our anniversary day! The resort staff sent us a small cake for celebration. We really loved the hospitality of the people here. Then we got ready and grabbed some breakfast.

Busy eating!

After exploring the resort a little more in the morning (and clicking some pictures for the gram), we spent most of the morning and afternoon chilling by the pool and on the beach. This resort has a swim up bar which was the highlight of our trip. We even made some friends while chilling in the pool and enjoying a couple drinks.

After grabbing some lunch, we got ready and set out to explore Cancun downtown. We took the local bus from right outside the resort to go to downtown and Playa Delfines (for the big Cancun sign). The bus goes along the hotel zone and also to Cancun downtown and tickets are pretty cheap too. This is an efficient and cheap way to explore if you are here for a short period of time.

Cancun Hotel Zone bus

We first went to the Cancun sign, got a few pictures clicked and strolled along the beach (Playa Delfines). Then we went to Cancun downtown and got some souvenirs. Before coming back to the resort, we went to the Luxury Avenue shopping mall which is right outside Occidental Tucancun and spent some time (and money!).

After getting back, we had our drinks and dinner in the resort. The resort has several restaurants (again all-inclusive) and you can just walk in or reserve a table beforehand. We enjoyed some sumptuous dinner in a Mexican restaurant onsite.

After dinner we set out to explore the much raved about Cancun nightlife. We bought tickets for Coco Bongo online so that we wouldn’t have to wait in line to buy tickets when we got there. If you are going to Coco Bongo, this is a big warning! Please wear comfortable shoes, be prepared to be pushed around, stamped on, moved around if you are not buying reserved tables. Coco Bongo is insanely crowded and the management is the worst. Since this was a “must do” tourist attraction in Cancun, we would suggest checking it out but be prepared to get extremely exhausted of the crowd. Other the crowd, the performance are phenomenal and definitely worth experiencing once in life. Live performers perform stunts and actions right in front of you and the music is bang on. We did have a lot of fun but we were super exhausted in the end. Cancun nightlife is definitely fire! We came back to the resort late at night and crashed.

Day 3: Playa Caracol and Leaving Cancun

If you look at Cancun Hotel Zone in the map, you will see that it looks like a big “7”. The long part of the “7” is where the sea is a little harsh because the waves are stronger and bigger. The smaller part, however, has beaches that are calmer with small waves. So on day 3, we set out to explore the beaches on the small part of the “7”.

We spent some time on the Playa Caracol beach, floated in the sea (our favorite thing to do on beach vacations). After spending couple of hours, we came back to our resort, got ready, checked out and grabbed some lunch and of course, some drinks before we headed out. While sipping on the last few drinks, we realized that this was a very short trip and we should have planned couple more days but we definitely plan to come back here again and spend some more time exploring nearby areas.

Other places of consideration in Quintana Roo, Mexico

There are so many other places to explore near Cancun. The Riviera Maya is another stretch of Caribbean coastline on Mexico’s northeastern Yucatán Peninsula. Playa Del Carmen is another beautiful beach along this stretch which is less commercial than Cancun Hotel Zone. So if you are more of a nature lover and would like to enjoy beach scenes in solace, then you should definitely consider Playa Del Carmen. Other places to explore are Mayan ruins in Tulum. Tulum is known for its architectural beauty and historic importance. There are several tours available for pre-booking and some tours even have pick up points near most of the resorts on the Cancun hotel zone. Some tour companies also offer cave tours which are incredibly adventurous. So if you have more time and are in for an adventure then definitely try considering the cave tours. The Cenotes of Tulum have grabbed attention of many instagrammers and is another fun way of exploring this area. While we write this, we feel like to going back and exploring these unexplored places as soon as possible.

All in all, the Yucatán Peninsula has a lot to offer for any type of traveler. There is something to do for everyone: relax by the beach, enjoy the resort life, explore the adventure water activities, explore nature, explore beautiful ancient architectural structures. So what are you waiting for, include Yucatán Peninsula in your travel bucket list and start planning your fun adventure to this beautiful Caribbean paradise.

Until then, lots of love fellow travelers!


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